Manoribel – An ideal weekend destination

While we love everything about Mumbai, the city life here can get exhausting at times, leaving the residents craving for relaxation. It is a common sight to see people leaving on Friday evenings and coming back on Sunday nights, all rejuvenated and ready for the busy week ahead.

Mumbai is not only blessed with numerous city beaches, but also multiple vacation spots nearby. Mountains, beaches, treks, architecture, history, luxury resorts, one can choose from a variety. For our last trip, we chose a beautiful and charming seaside resort, Manoribel, situated on the Manori island.


Easily accessible from Mumbai, one needs to take a ferry to Manori Island from the Marve Beach ferry point.


Once on the island, auto rickshaws are available to give you a ride to the resort. Island is full of coconut, palm and casaurina trees and would definitely give a feel of a Portuguese and East Indian history.


Its also loaded with old historic churches, picturesque villages, fishing points and palm-fringed walkways but we didn’t really go to any of it, so all of it would be on the list, next time we are there.


Manoribel could be an ideal choice if you are looking for a tranquil and relaxed getaway. Check in to the place once and enjoy the peaceful haven that it is. While it lets you rest in the lap of nature, it also takes care of the little amenities that are a pre-requisite for the city dwellers.


One can choose the stay from a range of cloisters, apartments, cottages, sea facing rooms and a tree house.


We opted for the tree house without second thoughts. The tree house is not air-conditioned but is an experience in it self.


Beautifully spaced and designed for comfort and privacy, it’s airy with ample light.


Coming to the most important part of the holiday which is food, Manoribel boasts of an open restaurant which serves the entire day. Cooking is done by the women from nearby village and needless to mention, it is finger licking good.


They have a wide range of menu and everyday specials too. Beer and Sula wine is available too.


Restaurant overlooks the garden and the beach and lets you enjoy and sit for as long as you want.


They serve both vegetarian and non vegetarian food along with a range of sea food. Well, the merits of being by the beach.


They also have a kitchen garden and a nursery of fruits, coconuts and seasonal vegetables, using most of their produce in the kitchen.



The resort has quite a lot of open space and have been designed carefully to accommodate hammocks, machaans and round table sitting areas. What we liked the most is how all these areas could be used by different groups allowing privacy to all at the same time.




Beaches or Mountains?
We all ask and answer this question often. And you have read our previous blogs, you would know that both of us would would always choose mountains. But who doesn’t love water, sand and a bit of tan every now and then?


The beach here is quite clean and less crowded as its almost a private beach with not many hotels or resorts near by. It is undoubtedly the best place to enjoy sunrises and sunsets and collect sea shells.



Since you saw the husband busy with his iPad in a picture above, have a look at what all he made.





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