Travel Hygiene Kit for Women

This post is completely women centric and men might want to keep out, but in case you have friends, girlfriends, wives or daughters whom you care about and you travel with, give it a read.


Hello People,

It’s been quite some time we came up with a post. Reason being we have not travelled anywhere after our Sikkim Trip due to work commitments and were not sure what to write about. And then, I received this surprise courier which had a travel hygiene kit for women from First Step Digital (Pee Buddy) and ixigo. Wondering why it reached me, I recalled signing up for an ixigo women’s day campaign a few days back and this was my complimentary kit. Happiness comes in small packages too.


Being a woman in this hard world doesn’t come easy and for women travellers like us, it brings many more concerns than just physical safety. Ixigo launched this beautiful campaign #Rukjaananahi that focused on various humiliations and anxieties women face that keeps them from enjoying the joy of travel.

ImageSource: peebuddy.inTravelHygieneKitforWomenFrontImageSource:

One of the least talked about setback is poor hygiene and sanitation. It is not only an apprehension while travelling but could be a problem in the local walks of life as well. Dirty toilets have given goose bumps to almost all of us and we tend to attract urinary infections due to lack of choice. This problem is more tenacious on the eastern side of the globe than west and a concern that needs to be addressed, and Pee Buddy is doing the needful. Pee Buddy being the portable female urination device, is a perfect travel partner for all women travellers that allows them the luxury to stand and pee and escape dirty toilets.


My complimentary travel hygiene kit comprised a few more women friendly things apart from Pee Buddy Funnels:

  • Feminine Pain Relief Patches: If like me you are also suffering from deadly menstrual pain with nothing to rescue other than chocolates (that only result in weight gain), this one is for you. I know medicines are available for instant relief but that is certainly not the best thing to do. These herbal pain relief patches provide relief from the mortal pain. You don’t have to believe me, try them out for yourself.SironaFemininePainReliefPatch
  • Disposal Bag: Well, these are not just any disposable bags. Specially designed biodegradable environment friendly bags to dispose all things private like sanitary, tampons, diapers, condoms etc. These odour and leakage proof bags are named I ❤ Clean.Ilovecleanbags
  • Intimate Wet Wipes – Traveling comes with unavailability of clean water many a times and sanitizing intimate areas could be a concern on the go. Make intimate wet wipes your best friend and enjoy travel hassle-free.TravelHygieneKitforWomen
  • Underarm Sweat Pads: This one could be a saviour for the ones facing severe sweating issues. These pads will protect your garments from stain and you from embarrassment.SironaUnderarmSweatpads
  • Mosquito Repellent Patches: This is one product which is gender bias free and should be used by all, as mosquitoes breed in every nook and corner. With wide-spreading maladies like malaria and dengue, it is the need of the hour as no-one wants to fall ill, whether while travelling or at home
You can buy the kit here or even order the products individually. Packaging is very travel friendly.


Because you have so much on your mind while travelling, hygiene should not be a concern. Happy travelling dear women!

Note: This is a personal review and not a paid post!

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