EAT BIT : Best places to eat at M.G. Marg, Gangtok

If you are a foodie, you are reading the right thing. Welcome!

We are foodies too and love experimenting with cuisines and dishes on out travel expeditions and in daily life. Husband being a die-hard non-vegetarian and me being a vegetarian, you will get a taste of both the varieties here.

We recently visited Sikkim and were delighted to spend some quality time in the capital city Gangtok. This city on the hills is a nirvana for food devotees. Catering to a diversity of tourists and locals, the city has many cuisines to offer like Tibetan, Nepali, Chinese, Asian, North Indian, Italian etc. Not only that, it also boasts of some delightful bakeries. While there is an array of pure vegetarian eateries, all the restaurants are vegetarian friendly and that is a bonus. M.G.Marg is the heart of Gangtok and while there are numerous options to eat, we will share the experiences of our explorations and let us tell you, we were not disappointed at any place.


The Baker’s Cafe: Baker’s Café deserves the first place in the list as this is our favorite of the lot and we went there twice because one visit was not enough. Situated on the first floor in the central market area, this place attracts you from far. Beautifully decorated with loads of souvenirs from all around the world, witty and funny signboards, aroma of food and the mountains to gaze, if that doesn’t charm you, we are not sure what will?


Spacious place and friendly people who will not ask you to leave no matter how long you sit. Baker’s café is love at first sight. We tried Hazelnut Latte, Mocha Java, Chocolate and Walnut Waffles, Garlic Cheese Toast, Mediterranean Veg Salad, Olio e Aglio, Meat Platter, Veggie Lovers Pizza, Mochaccino and Mango Tango. Although we wanted to try everything else on the menu, sadly our stomachs did not approve of it. Did we mention take away is available? We availed that too 🙂








Taste of Tibet: Taste of Tibet was our first halt for a restaurant in Gangtok. Tiny place on the second floor of an old building on M.G.Marg, this place is quite crowded all the time. With open windows and wind blowing, it gives you chills while you enjoy your sips and bites. We tried Pork Fried Dry, Veg Choupsey, Sweet Corn Soup and of course Beer. We indulged into food so much that we forgot to click pictures 🙂

The Dragon Wok: The Dragon Wok is again in the central market area just opposite the Baker’s cafe. Sort of fine dining, this place offers both indoor and outdoor sitting spaces on the first floor. As we were there for lunch, we choose the balcony to enjoy sunshine along with food on a cold day. We ordered for Beer, Virgin Colada, Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs, Iron Plate Potato and the traditional Veg Gyathuk. Food was extraordinarily good and we recommend a visit. They serve green tea complimentary in the beginning 🙂



Chopstix: Chopstix was Google’s suggestion and as usual Google did not disappoint. Happening place with good music and nice crowd, they offer authentic Chinese with a variety of mocktails and drinks. We tried Mexican Pork Ribs, Potato Honey Chili, Vegetable Fried Rice, Hot Chocolate and Pinacolada.


Tripti’s: Located right beside Pantaloons, Tripti’s is the best bet for quick eats and take away. Loaded with a variety of confectionaries, snacks and drinks at a fair price, one can make a quick stop amidst the shopping spree. They run out of stock by the evening, so try visiting in the mornings or afternoons. We tried Rum Ball, Black Forest Tart and Cold Chocolate and kept craving for more.




Apart from all of these, momos are available in every nook and corner of the city.

Zomato still doesn’t cater Gangtok, but you do not have to be disappointed and if you face difficulty choosing between the options, just Ask Google.

You can have a look at our travel itinerary here.

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8 thoughts on “EAT BIT : Best places to eat at M.G. Marg, Gangtok

  1. sagittariatinni

    In 2016, I was at Gangtok for a project.. the food I enjoyed the most are the momos, which were practically sold at each and every roadside houses. That was a really funny part!
    And yes Baker’s café was superb. I didn’t expect the great quality of food as well as coffee/ latte there!

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