An Evening at Eiffel!

Paris could easily be entitled as one of the most famous cities of the world. And it is not in the list of ‘The World’s Top 10 Most Visited Cities’ for no reason. The ones who have visited are still in awe and it tops the bucket list of those who haven’t.

Paris (1)

We sometimes wonder what makes Paris so attractive? The air may be. Because there is so much to see, even a month’s time is not enough to see the whole of it.

Paris (2)

Paris (3)

We are also amongst the lucky lot who have spent a few evenings in Paris, the most memorable one being the one at the Eiffel Tower. The tower is already visible from nearby lanes even before you reach it.

Paris (8)

Paris (9)

Even though the world knows the history of Eiffel Tower and all of us have grown up seeing the pictures of this wonder, there is nothing similar to seeing it from your own eyes. Not because it is one of the most beautiful monuments in the world, because you been longing to see it since ever. It’s Paris after all.

Paris (11)

The tower is the most-visited paid monument in the world and comprises of three floors – two of which you can walk up to (lifts are also available at extra euros) but the third floor is only accessible by elevators. So, take your time up the ladders (read 704 steps), read the signs on various facts about the Eiffel Tower along the way, and relish the views.

Paris (32).JPG

The ones who are not very fond of exercising can take the elevators and choose to come down on foot. But that would leave you pockets a little lighter.

Paris (26)

The entry for the entire visit is divided into 3 categories –

  • Lift access to all three floors (online booking available)
  • Lift access to first and second floor (online booking available)
  • Stairs to first and second floor and lift access to third (online booking not available)

Paris (6).JPG

A lot of travellers might feel that the view from the second floor is breath-taking enough and one should not make extra damages to the bank account by buying a ticket to the top. We differ in opinion, because if you have already reached and are surviving this expensive city, have managed to reach the second floor, then why not? You might not get a chance again, and might regret saving those extra euros.

Paris (49).JPG

You must have read too much about going to the top floor and not going to the top floor. Once you make a positive decision, these are the things you are going to witness –

Ground Floor
Start taking pictures for your albums from here itself, as your future generations would cherish them too. You will come across souvenir shops, restaurants, buffets, cash point services, groups and information desk, statue of ‘Gustave Eiffel’ and the 1899 lift machinery (which is not open to public except for guided tours). If you are on budget tour, we suggest buying souvenirs from the street shops which are available throughout the city.

Paris (4).JPG

First Floor
First floor again has a few buffets and restaurants in case you are already tired and hungry walking up. Major attraction is the transparent floor which gives you an experience of walking on the void.

Paris (45)An immersion show where projections dive you into Eiffel Tower Universe, a new cultural path with touch screens and displays to find about all aspects of the tower, children tour ‘Follow Gus’, spiral staircase section which is a remaining piece from the historic staircase which Gustave Eiffel used to go to his office on top, relaxation areas, souvenir shops and the Gustave Eiffel room are the other powers of the tower. View from the first floor!

Paris (34)

Paris (39)

Second Floor
On reaching the second floor, you would feel like patting your back if you reached there walking. We did. Sit and enjoy the Parisian air!

Paris (38)Treat this as your achievement and take your time to enjoy the panoramic view of Paris.

Paris (35)

Paris (41)

We had started our tour in the evening, and by the time we reached second floor there was ample sunlight to see the shadow of the tower on the city.

Paris (33).JPG

Its splendid. Once you are done filling up your memory cards, it’s time to go to the top.

Top Floor
A glass lift takes you to the top floor of ‘The Iron Lady’ offering a view of this astonishing construction. What you see is a spectacular view of Paris and its monuments.

Paris (40)

Paris (42)

Paris (50)

The two levels at the top, one in open air and one under the roof lets you enjoy to the content of your heart. It beautiful at any time of the day and night.

Don’t forget to meet Mr. Gustave Eiffel at his office.

Paris (48).JPG

Paris (47)

Check the heights of the world’s tallest monuments in comparison to Eiffel Tower and the panoramic maps to locate your position.

Paris (7).JPG

Measure yourself to the Eiffel Tower and sip a glass of champagne while celebrating this sensational moment.

Paris (46)

In between if you reach the top at dusk like us, consider yourself lucky to witness the almost historic sunset over the city of love. It’s was so cold and windy that our hands felt like ice cubes. Holding the camera, we were watching the sunset over Paris.

Paris (51).JPG

And as the bright lights begin to lighten up the city one by one, Paris wakes up.

Paris (52)

Paris (53)

Paris (20)

And every night after the sundown, the Eiffel Tower puts on a series of sparkling light shows that add extra oomph to the monument.

Paris (16)

These glittery lights make the tower sparkle for five minutes, every hour till 1 a.m. We did not miss even one that day.

Paris (18)

One can also opt for an hour’s cruise on the River Seine to relive the full glory of the river banks, bridges and monuments of Paris.

Paris (13)

Paris (22)

Yes, Eiffel tower would still be visible. It has been one of the most memorable evenings of our lives.

Paris (24)

Tuktuks are also available for a trip around the monument.

Paris (5)

There a some sculptures and  beautiful gardens where visitors spent time watching the wonderful sight of the tower. Fairs and events also attract locals and travelers.

Paris (10).JPG

Paris (27)

Paris (28)

Paris (29)

Paris (30)

Best time to visit – Any time is the best time to go to Paris 🙂

Paris (43)

Share your experience of Eiffel Tower with us.

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