Travel Tales of Jagannath – Rathayatra

We assume travelbug has bitten almost everybody who can even remotely afford it. And God’s are no far behind (affordance being of least consideration). It’s summer vacations in most parts of the country and it’s that time of the year when people holiday with families. So does Lord Jagannath as today he is leaving on his 7 day trip to his aunt’s place (mausi ka ghar) with his beloved brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra.

This period is majestically celebrated as the Chariot festival or Rathayatra in Puri (Orissa) and nearby places.

For 2017, the festival begins on 25th June and ends on 3rd July. If you are anywhere near during this period, we suggest a trip to Puri. And while you are there and wondering what else to do, keep our blogpost 10 things to do in the Land of Jagannath – Puri  bookmarked.


This Taraf wishes happy holidays to Lord Jagannath and family. Keep travelling!

Artwork by Aniket Mitra.

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