Byepass Dhaba, Kolkata

Byepass Dhaba is centrally located on EM Byepass near Science City in Kolkata. The place has huge parking space, great lighting and average decor. The restaurant is spacious and does not seem like people are bumping into each other or staring at other’s food. Staff is courteous and portions served is ok.

We had ordered for Dahi Kebab, Largo La Havana, Paneer Tikka Makhani, Raarha Meat and Plain Garlic Naan. Food was delicious but nothing to mention in terms of presentation (mainly because that is not their target either). Prices are at par with other similar restaurants and they do not levy ‘Service Charge’. The place remains busy on all days and remains open till 2:00 am at night. A great option to satisfy your midnight good food cravings or sudden late night plans.

Special mention to the pan shop just outside the Dhaba. This guy makes great Mitha Paans and has also kept a dustbin outside his shop to help keep the city clean. Kudos.



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