2017 – When & Where to Go in India!

This blog is going to be a little different from the previous ones as this is the last one for 2016. Bidding Adieu to 2016 is both happy and sad as this year has been like a roller-coaster ride. 

On a few days, we would jump on our bed feeling straight out of dreams and on others; reality would punch so hard, that we felt like going back to dreams. The latter too often. But, we would thank God who gave us strength to survive all odds that we managed to live by this year head strong and travel some exotic places (to be covered in our blogs to come).

Now that we are reaching the end, let bygones be bygones. As we start afresh, we have the holiday list for 2017 ready with the destinations that must be on your bucket list for the new year.Our list of ‘places to visit’ in particular months is based on seasons, festivals and cultural events celebrated across the country and since taking long holidays is always a concern for office-goers like us, it is best to club them with off days. There are numerous options for short trips or long weekend trips. So, choose your most suitable month, your ‘I have to go to’ place, pack your bags and leave as neither will these places burn a hole in your pockets not would exhaust all your leaves.

January – Ah, no travelling for us in January, it’s a long working month!


February– We have chosen our destination for February and booking done, yeahhh!. You can decide yours fast too as very less time is left to book 🙂


March – March is the ‘Holi’ month and one of our favourites. Not very cold, not very hot, just perfect. Last year, we celebrated holi camping in a Mango farm in Purulia, a small village in West Bengal (blog to follow soon).


April – April would be a full working month. No worries!


May– May is mostly a peak travel season for a lot of hill stations and beaches. After all, who would not like to discover the majestic beauty of Kashmir and Ladakh. We even included Bhutan in this list as Bhutan is very convenient to travel for Indians. You do not even need a passport. Yes, you read it right, even a valid Voter’s ID card would do.


June– We usually refrain from travelling in peak summers but you can surely pick up nice beach and enjoy your chilled beer.


July– From the month of July, the number of tourists start falling as summer vacations mostly ends. And as rain approaches a big part of the country by then, people do not prefer stepping out.But if planned nicely, it might be a cheap and less crowded month of travel. Oh, there are no holidays. But you can still plan a nearer destination.


August– August is another superb month for travel. Rainy showers, less tourists, great discounts, cheaper flights. Last year we did a 12 day long road trip to Rajasthan starting from Delhi and what fun it was (blog to follow..so much pending..it scares us).


September – September 2017 is going to be the ‘Durga Puja’ month are we are strictly not travelling but you can plan of course. No place is better than Kolkata during the pujas. Refer our blog https://thistaraf.wordpress.com/2016/10/23/queen-of-calcutta/

Hope it helps you plan and you are most welcome to our city of joy 🙂


October – October is a great month to travel by all means. Just pick any option and goooo!!!


November – We have not planned that far yet, but you can. It is always better to pick your place well in advance and make the booking few months before your travel dates.


December – Next December?


Let us know in comments if this calendar helps you plan.
This Taraf wishes you a wonderful and safe 2017! Keep Travelling 🙂

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